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    Company Profile

    Company Profile

    Guangzhou Drez Exhibition Co., Ltd.,located in Guangzhou, China, is specialized in providing a comprehensive 

    solution that covers manufacturing, sales, installation and service of air conditioning systems, event tents and 

    corollary equipment for large-scale activities, exhibition, and sports games , etc. Over the past decade, Drez, 

    as the pioneering leader in this industry, has become the fastest growing and largest equipment and service

    company. With over thousands of projects to our credit since 2006 we have accumulated a wealth of industry


    Drez Products


    Drez products include air conditioning units, event tents, floors, generators, cables, electrical boxes, booths,

    low voltage systems and others. Drez is committed to providing customers with professional full service of AC 

    solutions, and bespoke systems are tailored exactly to the needs of each customer.Relying on the professional

    production base in Guangzhou, Drez products have passed international highest quality certifications such as 

    QS production license, ISO9001 quality certification, electrical product safety certification, CCC certification 

    and SGS certification.

    Our Vision and Values


    We seek to be recognized as the premier global resource for innovative air-con solutions that enable mission

    success.Drez was founded on the philosophy of “Quality, Efficiency and Innovation”. These principles are still 

    followed today and in the decades to come.


    Our Staff 


    We Drez team are all of well-trained professional dedication. With experienced R&D engineers, dedicated QC 

    team, rigorous and pragmatic management, sincere caring services, we aim to create NO.1 air conditioning 

    solution brand for exhibitions, indoor and outdoor activities.

    Our products have been widely used in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other

    regions for a variety of industries and activities, like sport events, product launches, celebrity autograph sessions,

    exhibitions and parties etc. All these successful projects prove Drez the leading and most reliable commercial

    air-conditioning brand.Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

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