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    Company News
    Guangzhou Drez Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Wish Robot Exhibition Open Smoothly
    Author:  |  2015-08-19

    The 2nd World Robotics And Intelligent Equipment Industry Exhibition,the world's first robot supermarket,will be open on 10th September,in Zhongou Center,Foshan newtown,China. With an area of 20,000 sq.m,Drez use almost one hundred sets 230,000 btu and 190,000 btu intergated air-cooled air conditionings.

    As the sole supplier of air-conditioning of the event,Guangzhou Drez Exhibition Co.,Ltd. is fully demonstrated strength,to won the bid of the entire temporary exhibition hall air-conditioning project,provided standardization, specialization high-quanlity services.

    The new integrated air-cooled air conditioning use this exhibition, achieve the seamless combination with tent,and guaranteed comfortable for REA, creating a personalized space for absolute Robot Exhibition.

    Features of Drez air conditioning:

    1.easy accessibility,two people can be accomplished by a forklift

    2.Using a wide range,like exhibition,event,party,weedding,warehouse etc.

    3.Applicable a variety of vennues,like concrete,grass,asphalt, beach,slope etc.

    4.High efficiency, cold air can reach 30m to 40m away.

    5.Perfect design for tent,achieve seamless combination.

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